Our War on Stress

We have allowed stress to become a part of our culture. Often, stress is disregarded as an enemy and has instead become a badge of honor. The more busy and stressed out you are the more successful you appear to your friends, right? While this mindset is powerful in creating a good work ethic, the increase in stress related illness, … Continued

We Care About Our Health!

IDOC is in LMT for Health Awareness   We are so honored to be featured in Lab Management Today Magazine! We take our health very seriously and we believe that keeping our team happy and safe should be a top priority. As you know, our mantra is “People First, Product Second” and that applies not just to the customer but … Continued

IDOC’s New Products (Part 2)

Now that we are on the tail end of summer, our skin is tanner, our hearts are lighter, and our smiles are exhausted. We can march into autumn soon knowing we had an eventful season. These are our sentiments exactly at IDOC. In preparation of a new line of products, our secular life has been just as busy as our … Continued

IDOC’S New Products (Part 1)

Welcome to Summer! Don’t you just love the subtle whiffs of chlorine lingering in the air from a freshly opened swimming pool? Or the sirens of ancient nursery rhymes bringing the promise of creamy treats to your neighborhood? Oh yes, and the plethora of new and exciting products from your favorite dental lab. Isn’t it beautiful!   Does summer not … Continued

We need your help! – Denture Turnaround Time

We need your help!   We take our denture quality very seriously. That is why we ask that you please schedule your patients out according to our requested turnaround time. We have strategically scheduled our turnaround time to allow for our dentures to be made right. We pride ourselves on having traditional and thorough craftsmanship which requires sufficient time and … Continued

The Ins and Outs of IDOC HIPAA Compliance

IDOC is a HIPAA compliant dental lab with email encryption. You can rely on us!   Navigating through the world of HIPAA can be a daunting feat. We all care about our patients and their privacy so we, of course, are happy to comply, but that doesn’t mean that instituting and then enforcing HIPAA standards isn’t a difficult task. That’s … Continued

When a Shade Goes South – A Guide to Taking a Correction Photo

There is nothing more frustrating than when a shade goes south. Except for maybe midday traffic. Shading is a precise and intricate stage of the crown process that can be marred by something as simple as lighting. If you would like some tips for taking the perfect shade photo before sending a case, you can go back to our blog … Continued

IDOC is a CDL! Among only 2% in the US

We are ecstatic to announce that IDOC is now a CDL (Certified Dental Lab)! This certification is a testament to our commitment to you and this field. You might be wondering why this is important to you. Well, we know you care about your patients and your work. It is that same concern and love for our job that pushed … Continued

The Dental World in 2017 – Are You Ready?

Dentistry is constantly changing and updating to provide better and faster solutions for your patients. It is exciting to be a part of, but keeping up with all the new directions can be a full-time job in and of itself. So, we wanted to provide a list of areas that many leaders in the dental field are talking about. Let’s … Continued

Our Marketing Plan Revealed!

We are so excited to be featured in yet another publication! This month LMT reached out to us to discuss our marketing strategy. We have always been a little different. We try to get away from the stiffness that a lot of labs have and try to inject our personality. In the following article, you will read what has worked … Continued