Message from the Chief Rainmaker:

“I believe our focus should be on people. It is people whose lives are changed with every case we make. At IDOC, we don’t try to be posh or fancy; we strive to be capable and agile, so all of our products are universally enjoyed. To that end, we recognize that the success of our work starts with our staff. Happy people make happy customers.

A dream of mine is to have IDOC on the list of Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For. A journey I believe will create genuinely remarkable people who will continue to grow. My mantra for IDOC is to raise entrepreneurs. I am here to grow every individual to be creative, innovative and to become a leader in their field. If I can help a few people to start their own company, I would say my time and devotion was well spent here. I am always open to hearing your thoughts. I welcome all your comments, please contact me at”    – Jayme H, Chief Rainmaker at IDOC Dental Lab, Inc.

Meet Our Team


IDOC is proud to announce a new addition to the porcelain department. Ken Yoon has joined our staff and joined Eric Park as another talented LVI Master. This marks 40 years of combined experience to our quality production team!


Specialty – All Ceramics, Veneers, Full Mouth. Eric is known around the office for bringing patients to tears from the beauty and simplicity of his work. He fell in love with the dental arts 15 years ago after studying industrial and graphic design in college. He has attended the Las Vegas Institute and completed their masters program.


Brad knows the implant system by heart and is exceptionally detail oriented. He is a walking book on dental information.  His soft demeanor tends to provide a calming presence to the hectic laboratory day to day. Brad’s specialty is full mouth and all implants.


Aka Digital Monster. Ben’s superb knowledge on computer design of the digital models places him on genius level with the company. Ben is hugely trust worthy and responsible.


Aka Master of Removables. June’s framework has been showered with compliments from all over the office and because of his charisma and artistic design, he’s been a mentor for many denture technicians.


Amy (Technical Collaborator) might be the customer service manager however she is a former technician who used to work in Removables; she has 13 years of experience in the field. When she’s not working, spending time with her kids, or laughing at a joke, you can find her keeping active by rollerblading, playing racquet ball or hiking. Amy is also a huge movie fan and loves to read.


Away from IDOC, Sam is an aspiring recording artist that also enjoys traveling, collecting vinyl & watching movies. You can also find Sam enjoying new restaurants with friends & family.


Vanessa “Goddess of Technical Support (In Training)”  is the most recent hire to Team IDOC.  She is new to the dental field, and works in the customer service department.  Away from IDOC, Vanessa is a dance instructor enjoying children and adults alike, teaching tap, hip-hop, and Zumba fitness.

Alisa  (The Communication Diva) has dreams to travel to Europe and visit every bookstore she’s able to find. She began working with IDOC in 2011 in the marketing dept and later transferred to the customer service dept where you will often hear her cheery voice handling any and all received questions.


Haesung (Wing Forward of Denture) handles the A to Z of all Removables and has been with the company over 5 years. He is fantastic.


Jillian (Shipping Co-Captain) handles all the local deliveries for IDOC and forms half of the dynamic duo that composes the extraordinary shipping department. When Jillian is not at IDOC, you’ll most likely find her at the movies, the beach or cooking a delicious dish for family and friends.


Tania (UPS Captain) handles the nationwide deliveries for IDOC and is the other half of the shipping duo. She has been with the company for 5 years. Her daily motivation for work is ensuring the dental offices are happy by receiving their cases on time. When not with her children, you can find her doing zumba or singing.

Angie (Duchess Beyond the Books) has been with IDOC for over 5 years in the accounting department. When this Orange County native is not with her family, you will find her either at a campsite, cooking a new delicious dish, enjoying a fabulous glass of wine or reading a new novel.