Message from IDOC:

We believe our focus should be on people. It is people whose lives are changed with every case we make. At IDOC, we don’t try to be posh or fancy; we strive to be capable and agile, so all of our products are universally enjoyed. To that end, we recognize that the success of our work starts with our staff. Happy people make happy customers.

We believe in creating an atmosphere where genuinely remarkable people will continue to grow. We are here to help each individual to be creative, innovative and to become a leader in their field. This environment is designed to breed excellence in every form, in our customer service, case quality, and community impact. That is the IDOC way. We would love for you to join our team who cares about your patients as much as you do!

Meet Our Team


IDOC is proud to announce a new addition to the porcelain department. Ken Yoon has joined our staff and joined Eric Park as another talented LVI Master. This marks 40 years of combined experience to our quality production team!


Specialty – All Ceramics, Veneers, Full Mouth. Eric is known around the office for bringing patients to tears from the beauty and simplicity of his work. He fell in love with the dental arts 15 years ago after studying industrial and graphic design in college. He has attended the Las Vegas Institute and completed their masters program.


Brad knows the implant system by heart and is exceptionally detail oriented. He is a walking book on dental information.  His soft demeanor tends to provide a calming presence to the hectic laboratory day to day. Brad’s specialty is full mouth and all implants.


Aka Master of Removables. June’s framework has been showered with compliments from all over the office and because of his charisma and artistic design, he’s been a mentor for many denture technicians.


Amy (Technical Collaborator)

Amy is our loving and kind customer service manager. She has over 17 years of experience in dentistry both as a technician and a customer service rep. Much to the gratefulness of her team, she is one of those rare humans that are equipped with the beloved combo of being knowledgeable and deeply approachable. She is a loving mother, a cherished wife, and is known to seriously throw down in the kitchen. She also fancies a good British mystery show or a historical novel. We think she is pretty great.



Alisa  (The Communication Diva)

Alisa is one of the veterans of IDOC. She has been with the team for over 6 years.  Her dedication to IDOC is truly inspiring and brings such a warm and fun energy to Customer Service. Her bright and cheery voice will bring a smile to anyone’s face.   Alisa, is one of those rare people that once you meet her she makes you feel that you have been friends for years! She shares her adventures of traveling to such places as France, Ireland, and New York. In her spare time she enjoys reading a good book.


Haesung (Wing Forward of Dentures)

Haesung is our Removables Wiz. He has been with the company for over 10 years and is a perfect liaison between the customer service and technical teams. His knowledge is vast and he takes the time to pass it on to the rest of the team. He loves him some Soccer which might be why he excels at being a team player. We love him for his big heart and industriousness. So when you call in for a denture case, you can be sure that you are in the best hands possible.


Jillian (Shipping Co-Captain)

Jillian is the head of our shipping department. We appreciate her proactive spirit as she applies herself to learning beyond the walls of shipping and makes herself available to anyone who needs it. She also loves gracing the office with her homemade mouthwatering brownies, which increases our appreciation exponentially. Her favorite forms of recreation include movie watching, trying new foods, and chilling at the beach.



Renee (Data Entry Extraordinaire)

Renee is our data entry extraordinaire. Every case that comes into IDOC is cared for and delivered by her. She is smart, detail oriented, and friendly as can be. When she leaves IDOC, she goes home to her husband and 2 kids who appreciate her hard work as much as we do. The Bible is a large part of her and her family’s life and she also coaches Volleyball and Basketball in her free time.


Tania (UPS Captain)

Tania is our shipping co captain. She is hardworking, reliable, soft spoken and we absolutely love her. She has three beautiful children and a good husband and she spends most of her time with them outside of IDOC. She loves to sing and dabbles in the dance world by taking Zumba.


Angie (Duchess Beyond the Books)

Angie is not just a member of the accounting department, she IS the accounting department. We don’t only love her because she is the bearer of our checks but she is kind, meticulous, and super helpful. She is a proud mother, an avid camper, a wine enthusiast, experimental chef, and occasionally enjoys getting lost in a book.