She is incredibly happy with her bridge. We all marveled at how natural it looks, so thank you for your great work!

Dr. Dustin Rabine

The case was beautiful. We cemented the crowns yesterday, and the patient is headed for her sister’s wedding today. #8/9 matched seamlessly and the patient is thrilled. The patient hadn’t been to a dentist in 15+ years and her CC two weeks ago was “I can’t smile because of my teeth, and I want to smile for my sister’s wedding.” Thank you very much for making this sweet patient smile this weekend. She literally needs her hand held during dental treatment, and your assistance in rushing the case has helped her overcome her severe fear of the dentist.

The Dr. followed up again later:

A month or so later she came back, reported she’s been smiling a lot more at work and is now up for a promotion because customers have commented on her smile and positive attitude. I almost started crying when she said that!

Dr. Samantha Melzer

I’ve been working with IDOC for about 3 years and they have been great from the beginning! Vanessa is always reachable and her communication is always prompt. The technicians always send good work and are willing to adjust anything that needs fixing!

Dr. Arvin Ahmadieh

Heather, although several months have passed since I visited your office, I have not forgotten the care that you took to match the color of my veneer to the surrounding teeth. The time, energy and patience you showed were truly exceptional, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your efforts. Thank you for going above and beyond! Warm Regards.

Raphael, Custom Shade Patient

I love your crowns, I appreciate you make it with 3 foil occlusion, shade and fit are all great

Dr. Gorman, Valencia CA

You have a great team here

Anna L., Custom Shade Patient

It was #%^&$% AWESOME!  When you can find a lab that has work that is so good you cannot tell where the dental work is………you have it really good.

Dr. Dustin Rabine

Thank you for your excellent work, you know we changed her life

Cleveland Clinic, Head and Neck Division

It looked great, He cried when we put them on, he made me cry too. Great Job

Dr. Patel, Cypress, TX

#8 Veneer came out perfect again!! My patient cried tears of joy, it was a very difficult case, but you did it again

Dr. Tedini, San Diego, CA

Out of all the labs I have worked with, IDOC ROCKS

Dr. Doshi

I planned to have this patient coming about 5-6 times, but delivered in the first seating, I can’t tell which one is the crown

Dr. Mo, Los Angeles, CA

Patient was in tears. It was so beautiful and it changed his look.

Dr. Mano, Chino Hills, CA

Looks beautiful. I used the white shade cement and results were great. We are all happy. Thanks for all your help. Please pass on to Eric

Dr. Taline, CA

You’re the best lab that I’ve ever worked with and you are always super concerned with your results. You do a great job and I appreciate it and my team appreciates it to. You’re that standard that we compare other labs to.

Dr. Shaelan, CA

I just delivered a #29-31 zirconia bridge for patient and wanted to let you know how happy the patient and I were about the bridge. It fit perfectly with only slight adjustments to the contact and opposing as was expected and it looked phenomenal. Thank you for your fine work on this case.

Charles Roberts, DMD

I LOVE your new GALAXY

Dr. Segovia, Oceanside, CA

The case was BRILLIANT! Love IDOC

Dr. Lee, San Diego, CA

So I once again want to thank you and your artists. As I have great experiences with you guys, more residents in our prosthetics department want to send their cases to IDOC as well.

Dr. Caleb Kim, HSDM Faculty Practice

IDOC is a great lab, people are honest and they keep their word. I can count on them at all times.

Nader Ghiassi, DDS, San Juan Capistrano, CA

I love your lab! Do you know how many labs walk in everyday asking us to switch? I tell them, ‘I am happy with my lab.’

Dr. Azita, Anaheim Hills Smile Studio

It was spectacular, hat’s off to you and your team.

Dr. Robert Seymour

I’m proud to have convinced my associates to work with IDOC

Dr. Schmidt, Mesa AZ

BTW, I just seated BruxZir #4, 5 and they went in perfect!

Dr. at Tatum Creek

Thank you, I enjoyed placing the bridge.  Fit perfect. No adjustments needed on the bite even though it was a difficult bite.  Thank all the techs!

Dr. Mitchell, Canyon Point Dental

I was very pleased with the results and wanted to thank you and your lab!

Dr. at Spring Cyprus

I delivered 5 cases today, they all fit like gloves! I am very happy with IDOC

Dr. Tedini, Grossmont, CA

Very little to NO adjustment, I am looking forward to working with IDOC always

Dr. Tran, Encinitas, CA

They ask me why I send my cases ALL the way to Orange County. It’s simple. I LOVE IDOC

Brian M Chang, DDS, FACP,FAAMP, Cleveland Clinic Head & Neck Division

We delivered the 12 units today with no difficulty. The fit and the aesthetics were superb. The patients and all of us were amazed and are grateful for the effort and knowledge you put into this.

Nachum Samet DMD, Boston

I thought IDOC was a small lab, because of care I receive, then I was surprised to learn IDOC has over 40 technicians. It definitely feels like my own lab.

Anna Jotkowitz DMD, Boston

IDOC seminars are always great! They find the most practical and informative topics with the best speakers. I look forward to the next one, so count me in!

Abel Balderas DDS, Los Angeles

Patient LOVED your Lava crowns

Dr. Connelly, Canyon Point, CA

Case was just delivered. Looked amazing. I’m very pleased. Thanks

Dr. Taline K.

It was tooth #5 made to look like #6 It came out great

Dr. Arnold

You did a great job and she is very happy. Thank you!’ Lava #8-10BB

Dr. Fernandez

Implants w/ Atlantis abutments #11-15. Not a single adjustment needed. Pt very happy! Thanks

Dr. Erin M.

Patient LOVED the Lava Bridge! He couldn’t stop looking at it

David Kemp DDS, Marietta GA

She cried when she saw her teeth in happiness. She came back a few days later and said other dentures are like your kid’s art work that you put on the fridge, this denture is like a Picasso.

Dr. Robert Seymour

Absolutely excellent. She is thrilled with the new crowns. Thank you for all the communication and excellent work.

Dr. Fernandez- Sierra Commons Dental

Have some feedback for IDOC? We would love to hear what you think of us!