evolv 2.5

Welcome to the future! evolv 2.5 is our full digital denture product that
will forever change dentures for you and your patients. It is the latest
in CAD/CAM technology and it saves time, money, and leaves your
patients more than satisfied with their new restoration. Instead of the
usual 5-7 office visits, with evolve 2.5 you will cut down the visits to only
2-3. Check out these advanced features!


Thinner palatal plate

Enhanced comfort

Easy cleaning & care

Drastically reduced chair time (little as 1.5 hours)

Less steps and try-ins

High flexural strength

More accurate designs

Digital files allow for easy replacements

Simplified impression taking


Click Here For Impression Taking Video


Try-In: 4 Working Days

Finish: 6 Working Days


View evolv 2.5 Booklet



Ultaire AKP

It is time to say goodbye to the metal partial! Ultra AKP is a Metal Free Digital Partial. This new partial is a high-performance aryl ketone polymer. Just like evolv 2.5, we digitally fabricate the partial for a more accurate fit. We are one of the few labs in the United States certified to make this product. Try it out, you and your patients wont regret it!




Tooth supported and colored



No metal taste

Good for those with metal sensitivities


Highly aesthetic

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