Custom Abutments

IDOC Milling Shop Cad Cam Abutments – Titanium, Zirconia Hybrid
(Titanium Interface)

Atlantis™ Cad Cam Abutments – Titanium, GoldHue, Zirconia
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Nobel Biocare™ Cad Cam Abutments – Titanium, Zirconia
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Casting custom abutment (UCLA)

Prosthesis (Zirconia, Titanium, or Chrome Cobalt)

Office : Open tray impression with impression copings, Impression for opposing, Lab analogs, Study model

Lab : Implant verification jig with impression copings, Wax-rim for bite

Office : Use verification jig to confirm the position of implant, Take X-ray to confirm, Take bite with wax-rim

Lab : Fabricate PMMA bridge

Office : Check bite, shade, fitting or any adjustment (we can do other try in with changes)

Lab : Fabricate framework and porcelain bake for bisque try in

Office : Final try in

Lab : Process to finish

Office : Deliver

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A Different Approach to a Hybrid Acrylic Base with Metal Ceramics, read more about this case on the blog: