Please be sure to send pre-operative models and impressions,
along with a bite registration.

4 Working Days

Wire substructure or screw retained – 5 Working Days



Use methyl methacrylate acrylic reline material.

Check and block-out any undercuts on the preparation and lubricate with a T41N liquid lubricant to facilitate removal.

Mix acrylic powder and liquid to a viscous consistency and fill the crowns to full. Wait for the acrylic to slightly set, then carefully seat on the preps. Be sure to remove the perfect temps before the acrylic becomes fully cured, as you do not want to cause pulpal injury from the heat generated during the curing process. Work them on and off the preps, so that the relined crowns can be fully seated passively, after they have completely cured.

Trim away any flash at the margins, being sure that there are no over extensions that might traumatize or cause recession of the soft tissue. Often, the excess acrylic can be trimmed with crown and bridge scissors before it completely hardens, in order to save some finishing time.

Polish as usual with pumace and rag wheel.

Cement with a non-eugenol temporary cement. A little Vaseline can be added to the mix, should you want make it easier to remove the temporaries


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